I know there is an endpoint here for retrieving a list of story id's, but I was wondering if it was possible to get a list of the users who voted on a specific story poll?

There seems to be very little data on stories (even when you export personal account data) and it would be great if this was accessible via the API.

Also I don't want to make my account a Business Account.

Answers don't have to be limited to using the API, I have manually screen shotted the list and joined the screenshots together and used text recognition to get the handles, so any fancy solution that is faster than data entry is welcomed.

Thank you in advanced!


Yes, but not using the Instagram Platform API (via https://www.instagram.com/developer) but rather the new Instagram Graph API

Your account must also be a business account or else you won't have access to the end point.

The endpoint is: /user/stories and can be found in the following documentation

I hope this helps someone, I wasn't able to find a good answer so here's to knowledge-filling.

  • Spent 24 hours reading the docs and figuring out the steps to build a simple, personal, one time use application using Instagram Graph API. Yea I'll just type it in like a data monkey, scrap that. – Samir Chahine Mar 28 at 12:10

To be honest I'm not familiar with the Instagram API,

I tried to find the AJAX request on my story, and find out that it is as follow:


'variables' is just a URL encode of:


Note, you need to replace <_USER_ID_> with your user ID, And for me <_QUERY_HASH_> was some constant string,

Then, the response JSON can be parsed using a small Python program:

import json

def parse_instagram_json(json_as_str):
    data = json.loads(json_as_str)
    if ("data" not in data) or ("reels_media" not in data["data"]):
        print "Invalid JSON"
    for media in data["data"]["reels_media"]:
        for media_item in media["items"]:
            print "You have {} views".format(media_item["edge_story_media_viewers"]["count"])
            viewer = []
            for v in media_item["edge_story_media_viewers"]["edges"]:
                viewer.append("{} ({})".format(v["node"]["username"], v["node"]["id"]))
            if 0 < len(viewer):
                print ", ".join(viewer)

I'm not sure if I'm getting the viewer list or the voter list,

The JSON fields suggest it is the former but you can give it a try and maybe it will be what you was looking for...

  • I've been playing around with this too but can't seem to get anything other than the viewer list, I was wondering if you had the key property that the MOBILE instagram app would use to request the voters list too. The whole JSON data response doesn't include any form of voter list so I'm guessing the instagram mobile app would but I don't know how to access the AJAX request sent by an app on my phone, would you be able to help any further? Happy to un-validate my answer and keep it open for you, all I need to find is the property that requests the voters list too. Thank you! – Samir Chahine Apr 12 at 7:37

The new Instagram Graph API, specifically the /stories end-point does not provide advanced media information such as polls or stickers. Not even the insights end-point include such interactions insights, only the common ones plus exits (they don't even provide profile_visits for example).

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