I added a validation screen shot with name "ValidateDecimal" and tried to compare this image with the existing.

I could see Images compared in report. But it is always successfull, even when the validation screen shot is not matching.

Keeping ValidateDecimal screen shot as such and If I try changing the value from 56.123 to 0, the report shows successfull.

SetValueAndValidate(56.123, _repoCircularGauge.Values.Value_EditInfo, _repoCircularGauge.Values.Value_SliderInfo);
                        _repoCircularGauge.RangeIndicatorPanelInfo.GetValidateDecimal(), new Imaging.FindOptions(0.85), 
                        "Show Difference", new Validate.Options() {ReportDifferenceImages = Ranorex.Validate.ResultOption.Always,
                            ReportSimilarity = Ranorex.Validate.ResultOption.Always} );

I expected Red Pie diagram but I could see Green always.

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