How do I deploy an SSIS project from TFS 2015?

For regular database projects, it is sqlpackage.exe /publish with publish profile.

What is the command line argument to auto deploy SSIS Project Model into a server?

We are using SQL Server 2016 Enterprise.


Why using runas command??

Runas command allows a user to run specific tools and programs with different permissions than the user's current logon provides.

Based on Deploy an SSIS project from the command prompt with ISDeploymentWizard.exe::

If you're deploying to a SQL Server with the Deployment Wizard, you have to use Windows authentication; you can't use SQL Server authentication.

Then if the current user has access to the remote server you don't need to use runas command then no need to provide a password.

How to use IsDeploymentWizard to automate ssis project (.ispac) deployment?

First of all, run ISDeploymentWizard.exe /? from a command prompt, and you’ll see the full list of arguments it supports with their abbreviations.

enter image description here

You only have to use IsDeploymentWizard in silent mode to prevent showing the wizard, but you should specify the argument needed.

ISDeploymentWizard /S /SP:foo.ispac /DS:myserver /DP:/ssisdb/test/test 

A shortcut to building the initial arguments for the ISDeploymentWizard is provided by the GUI version of the program. In the confirmation screen, you would see an image like the following

Confirmation screen

Note the Command Line section - those are the arguments you will need to pass for an automated deployment (Ctrl-C will copy that entire line if you select it)

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