I am trying to write a fold expression, but I can't get the regex to work.

The string I want to check for and the regex are:

# -- Heading 1 --

what syntax do I use to do the check? I tried: (non seemed to work)

if match(line , "\v regex") >= 0 if line =~ "\v regex"

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You can use either match() or =~, but the regexp is wrong.

There is a lot to guess as I don't know all the potential input, but I think you meant:


Or a slightly different variant using character classes:

^\v.*-- [_[:alnum:][:blank:]]+--$

Or maybe using a negated collection (matching any character but -):

^\v# -- [^-]+ --$

Go wild!

  • Thanks. I tried all your regexes, but they also didn't work. Then I figured out the problem was that I had been wrapping them in double quotes. Changed them to single and thew worked fine.
    – AuSaidimu
    Mar 30, 2019 at 13:12

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