Is there a way to configure distribution statistic expiry and buffer length for http.server.requests metrics?

I need to increase the expiry and couldn't find the proper way of doing this with spring boot actuator. Is it possible to configure these settings?

  • Please add more details and share what you have tried if any Mar 27, 2019 at 8:37
  • The micrometer timers have the ability to increase distributionStatisticExpiry and distributionStatisticBufferLength but I can't find a way to set these settings for my percentiles in spring-boot's http.server.requests. I want to increase the window in witch percentiles are calculated for http.server.requests and can't find a proper way of doing this.
    – Ivan Nakov
    Mar 27, 2019 at 8:59

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You should look at DistributionStatisticConfig. The creation of DEFAULT instance shows how to set expiry and bufferLength.

All you have to do in Spring Boot is register a bean MeterRegistryCustomizer in your @SpringBootApplication or @Configuration class.

import org.springframework.boot.actuate.autoconfigure.metrics.MeterRegistryCustomizer;

public MeterRegistryCustomizer<MeterRegistry> metricsCommonTags() {
    return registry -> registry.config()
        .commonTags("myTag", myTagValue)
        .meterFilter(new MeterFilter() {

            public DistributionStatisticConfig configure(Meter.Id id,
                                                         DistributionStatisticConfig config) {
                if (id.getName().startsWith("http.server.requests")) {
                    return config.merge(DistributionStatisticConfig.builder()
                        .percentiles(0.5, 0.9, 0.99)
                return config;

You can also ask on Micrometer's Slack channel.

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