Currently I use NoSQLBooter to connect to a database but it shows all the databases on the server (it connects to all other databases), although each database I add 1 user and different password.

I execute the following command to create database and user.

demo use
db.createUser ({user: "username", pwd: "123456", roles: [{role: "readWrite", db: "demo"}]})

How to connect to the database demo, only work on database demo?

UPDATE Here is the solution I ended up using


Edit the mongo settings file;

sudo nano /etc/mongod.conf

Add the line:

security.authorization : enabled

Restart the service

sudo service mongod restart

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  • Simply using createUser() is not enough. You need to actually follow the steps to enable authentication. It's documented in great detail in the manual, and some answers here annotate that. But really, read the manual since it's more concise – Neil Lunn Mar 27 at 9:04

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