I'm using DOMPDF to generate PDFs. I'm trying to add local images into the PDF but the path is not rendering correctly! I'm getting a space, " and = characters extras in the rendered path.


foreach ($routineVideos as $video) {
        $thu = $video["thumbnail"];
        $thumb = '<img src="../uploads/membership/routine-videos-thumbnails/"'. $thu . '/>';
        $html .= $thumb;

I'm getting the below result:

<img src="../uploads/membership/routine-videos-thumbnails/" video_20120719143839.jpg="">

What I want is:

<img src="../uploads/membership/routine-videos-thumbnails/video_20120719143839.jpg" />

And in generated PDF I'm getting Image not found or type unknown error instead of image

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    Well then put the second " in the correct place, instead of placing it before the contents of $thu – 04FS Mar 27 at 10:05
  • @04FS $thumb = "<img src='../uploads/membership/routine-videos-thumbnails/$thu'/>"; is working! – Iftikhar uddin Mar 27 at 10:08

assuming you are using phalcon as backend

since you are provided with working solutions i would suggest using Phalcon url service to maintain consistency if (uploads/membership/routine-videos-thumbnails) is in your public directory use:

$thumbPath = $this->url->get("uploads/membership/routine-videos-thumbnails/{$thu}");

if its not and its within app directory use defined constants and the config service (phalconpath/app/config/config.php) for example if the (uploads/membership/routine-videos-thumbnails) is in app directory you use:

$thumbPath = APP_PATH . '/uploads/membership/routine-videos-thumbnails/' . $thu;

Use $result = 'str_'.$var.'_str'; or $result = "str{$var}str"; with braces.

And do not use single quotes in HTML attributes.

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    Please add some explanation to your code such that others can learn from it – Nico Haase Mar 27 at 13:19

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