I want to disable code formatting for a certain block of code in Visual Studio 2017, e.g. to prevent indentings, line breaks or spacing to increase the readability.

I'm using Jetbrain's IntelliJ IDEA for a long time (Java and Typescript development) and now I have to switch to C# for some projects and have to use Visual Studio Professional 2017 (w/o ReSharper).
In IDEA there is an option to enable/disable the formatter for a certain block by using control markers in comments.

/* formatted code */


/* some unformatted code */


/* formatted code */

I only found this questions, but the answer wasn't helpful. The answer only describes how to disable the formatter in general for a case. I want to "break" the rules of the formatter to increase the readability.


No, unfortunately, Visual Studio does not provide an equivalent feature. There is no way to selectively disable code formatting for a particular block of code. It is an all-or-nothing proposition.

You could potentially invert the problem: disable all automatic formatting, and then manually format individual blocks (select the block, and then press Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F).

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