Currently working with Bootstrap-vue. I need to generate b-table but with dynamic header values which I get from api, not sure how to go about doing this.

I have tried regular way to set fields in data which works fine but if I try to set computed fields I get no values in my table . `

computed: {
    fields () {
      return ['date', ...this.scheduler.times]


The this.scheduler.times is data received from api which contains array like below. Also this array can have more times added
(data from api) `

        "id": 1,
        "start": "01:30:00",
        "end": "09:30:00"
        "id": 2,
        "start": "10:00:00",
        "end": "13:00:00"


Expected result would be where I have columns headers with times from api and added column of dates.

I can generate series of dates using moment but not sure how will i map this to the b-table

Below is a screenshot of result I would like to get: expected result

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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