I have enable the "editor.formatOnSave" setting but in php files when the code is formate, all the open brackets are going to a new line. i just want them to stay in the same line ex

function test{



function test


I am looking for a solution all day but i cant find anything


If you want to have your php code formatted like this

function test {


then use intelephense with the following settings.

  "intelephense.format.braces": "k&r"


As @Pinonirvana said in his answer, you can now do this through the GUI.
You'll find this information under du user settings:

Short key -> Ctrl+,


File > Preferences > Settings

enter image description here


There is default formatter in the intelephence and it doesen't have many options to customize. You can disable it in the php language-specific settings:

~/.config/Code - OSS/User/settings.json:
"[php]": {
    // "editor.defaultFormatter": "bmewburn.vscode-intelephense-client"
    "editor.defaultFormatter": "kokororin.vscode-phpfmt"

Then you can use some another formatter that support customization, phpfmt for example. Here is my settings:

"phpfmt.exclude": [
"phpfmt.smart_linebreak_after_curly": true,
"phpfmt.psr2": false,
"phpfmt.detect_indent": true
  • Great! Works even better after replacing "detect_indent" with "phpfmt.indent_with_space": 4
    – Teson
    Dec 3 '19 at 8:47

The new versions of VScode include this feature already.

You just need to search for "intelephense" in the VScode settings, and look for a setting called "Braces".

VScode Intelephense braces setting

  • It's so nice! Easy switch!
    – Rocky Kev
    Feb 20 at 19:10
  • this still doesn't work for me :-( ... I have VSCode 1.62.3 and I have changed the format of the braces to k&r, yet the brace still jumps to the next line when I make a class. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
    – Jon
    Nov 24 at 17:27

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