I am trying to use MS cognitive services for speech to text transcription. I need to run a sample first before I build it into my production app though. So I am trying out this: Git sample

This sample basically just asks you to fill in the host name, subscription key and the Azure blob URL. I have done all of that and I am able to get the JWT token and read what files I have uploaded so far(0 actually). Just that when I try to upload a file for transcription it gives me this in response:

InnerException  {"Only \"Standard\" subscriptions for the region of the called service are valid."} System.Exception {BatchClient.FailedHttpClientRequestException}

So, are trial users not allowed to use the service?
Is there a API within MS cognitive services which supports trial users so that we can try out the service before buying?
I have tried to run through their docs but it is not clear what all options I might have in this context.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance!


The Batch API, which you are trying to use, can only be used with a paid "Standard" subscription key as per the docs. The real-time APIs (all the other samples here) can be evaluated using the subscription from the free tier.


I have tried the same code sample and it worked for me.

Following things to notice:

1) I have tried \samples\csharp\dotnetcore\console c# sample for the scenario reproduction.

2) I have tried Translation service and speech to text using microphone which was there in option no 1 and 5.

enter image description here

3) Please make sure to modify the subscription key and service region of your cognitive service api. in my case it was west us which i got it from below portal.


Endpoint was https://westus.api.cognitive.microsoft.com/sts/v1.0

4) For using microphone , please change the subscription key and service region in belo class.


Here is the output for the same

enter image description here

Let me know if you need any help.

Hope it helps.

  • I can not use this sample. Even when I use non batch API: westeurope.stt.speech.microsoft.com/speech/recognition/… which only accepts wav files I get same error. I have files in wav and mp3 format that need transcription. I am afraid what @user1248490 is saying is correct. There is no way a free user can use the service. – SutharMonil Mar 28 at 14:12
  • Understood, let me know if you need any other help related to Azure or cognitive services. – Mohit Verma Mar 28 at 14:15
  • thanks! Which API version should i be using? V1 or V2? I want to transcribe audio files and eventually I want to make a live transcription via web sockets or something similar when a call is on going on my web app. – SutharMonil Apr 1 at 9:17

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