I am making a dashboard which allows me to write using apple pencil on an iPad. The dashboard contains uiimageview on top of uiscrollview. I want to make this uiscrollview to scroll infinitely when a user scrolls down. My aim is to implement the functionality which is there in every note taking an application, enabled with apple pencil and Ipad.

  1. I tried setting up autolayout on uiscrollview and uiimageview but that works if you already have an image array or a defined image and then it scrolls down for all the images. But in my case, I do not have any dummy image to put in the background as it is the dashboard.

  2. I tried giving a huge height to the uiimageview but it is not an optimized solution. Also, that resulted in zooming in of strokes on uiimageview once I start writing with apple pencil on it.

  3. I tried creating a number of uiimageview(for example 5) and assigned them to "" with uiimageview size to be the size of the screen. So that I can loop over them and draw the apple pencil strokes on it. But then I am not able to identify which uiimageview should I use to draw stroke when writing with apple pencil.

Below are the things I tried for the respective points mentioned above.

  1. Setting up autolayout is simple as I followed it from multiple available blogs on the net.
  2. I have set up the height of uiimageiview from the storyboard.
  3. The last tried method is using the below code.
 func drawStroke(from fromPoint: CGPoint, to toPoint: CGPoint) {
        guard let context = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() else {
        tempImageView.image?.draw(in: view.bounds)

        context.move(to: fromPoint)
        context.addLine(to: toPoint)


        tempImageView.image = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext()
        tempImageView.alpha = opacity

The above code contains tempImageView and strokes are drawn on it but if I have five uiimageview how I decide which one is clicked and use that uiimageview in place of tempImageView.

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