I just installed SP1 for VS2010, and since then I get error messages from Resharper for stuff that used to work and be ok for Resharper (5.1) before.

The error messages are "Cannot resolve symbol 'Eval'" and some other methods other than Eval.

How do I solve this? Is there a fix? Is there some resharper cache that I must delete/clear?

(The code compiles and runs as usual)

  • Is your code compiling correctly? Apr 4, 2011 at 13:27

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I would try deleting the _ReSharper.{SolutionName} directory completely if clear cache fails.

You might want to close VS2010 before you do that.

EDIT: Try this only if @Andrew Finnell solution doesn't work.

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    I have my caches stored in the system temp folder. Start->Run "%TEMP%" without quotes. I deleted all of the ReSharper folders there, even those unrelated to the solution having the issue. All of a sudden though ReSharper does seem to be using MUCH more memory for this solution. It was usually just over 100MB, but I have seen it hovering around 350+. Deleting these folders did not resolve the problem for me BTW. Jul 6, 2011 at 20:06
  • @bdwakefield If you have enabled the "Solution-widde analysis, ReSharper is probably re-indexing your solution. It takes a few minutes. Jul 17, 2011 at 20:29
  • @Julien I do have solution wide analysis enabled. This situation was occurring for about a week. I haven't looked in the past few days but it seems to be down more around 130MB for that solution. Jul 18, 2011 at 17:38
  • We don't use Solution-wide analysis even though I think it could be a helpful tool. It straight cripples our machines here. Recently we upgraded to R#6 and I am still seeing this issue at times. It also appears to be an issue for others as well. devnet.jetbrains.com/message/… Nov 1, 2011 at 14:35


Resharper Menu -> Options -> General -> Clear Cache button
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    An observation: This did not APPEAR to work--but after closing and reopening VS the problem was gone. Note that it had almost done Julien Berube's solution anyway, all that was left was a log. Oct 7, 2012 at 5:26
  • If you don't want to restart VS, you can open the command window (Ctrl + W, A), run ReSharper_Suspend, then run ReSharper_Resume. Jun 26, 2014 at 20:41

I had this problem in spades in my multi-project VS solution. Tried Julien + Andrew's solutions and they did not resolve the issue. But everything compiled just fine and worked as normal -- it was simply the "Errors in Solution" that kept showing the errors (which also showed up when you looked at the code in the right-hand-ReSharper-margin).

It turns out I had inadvertently deleted the web.config file in one of the solution's web projects during some version control operations. Who knew that thing was important?

I restored the web.config file, cleared the cache and deleted the R# cache directories and then rebuilt all of the projects individually and the issues went away.



The solutions of @Andrew Finnell and @Julien Bérubé, alone and combined, did not fix my problem of "Cannot resolve symbol".

The comment of @bdwakefield pointing to here finally shed light on my problem.

It turns out that my "not resolved symbol" contains a web reference, and ReSharper gets lost there somehow.

By the link above it is possible to see that this is also an issue for many people, but JetBrains guys were not able to reproduce the error until now (see here).


I was having the same problem with one of my projects. I reported the issue to JetBrains and they requested a VS solution which has the problem.

So, I decided to spend a few hours trying to narrow down the problem as much as possible. I found out that the issue is related to a tool I use which strips out information from .DLLs.

If I don’t strip the .DLLs, Resharper works fine without showing any “cannot resolve symbol” errors. However, If I do strip the .dll, then ReSharper starts to show these “cannot resolve symbol” errors. In both cases, Visual Studio compiles the program and the program runs fine.

I am working with JetBrains to get the issue resolved.

In the mean time, I am able to workaround the problem by using versions of my .DLLs which do not have any information stripped out of them.

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