I'm new to spring-cloud, so i'm using a video tutorial, so to read exposed endpoints i tried to open http://localhost:8000/actuator/mappings but it didn't work for me but the /health url gave me the following result:

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Here's the written code in the client side:

class MessageRestController {

  private String message;

  String getMessage() {
      return this.message;


    <relativePath/> <!-- lookup parent from repository -->
<description>Demo project for Spring Boot</description>



Here's the client project structure:

enter image description here



When executing the Post on the /refresh gives me : Error Not Found

curl -d {} http://localhost:8000/actuator/refresh

enter image description here

spring-boot-actuator jar version = 2.1.3

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Default management.endpoints.web.exposure.include, info, health
As actuator/health and actuator/info are provided by default you will get the information

management.endpoints.web.exposure.include = * //will allow all endpoints to be exposed

management.endpoints.web.exposure.include=health,info # Endpoint IDs that should be included or '*' for all.
management.endpoints.web.exposure.exclude= # Endpoint IDs that should be excluded or '*' for all.
management.endpoints.web.base-path=/actuator # Base path for Web endpoints. Relative to server.servlet.context-path or management.server.servlet.context-path if management.server.port is configured.
management.endpoints.web.path-mapping= # Mapping between endpoint IDs and the path that should expose them.

Securing Endpoint

management.endpoint.health.roles= # Roles used to determine whether or not a user is authorized to be shown details. When empty, all authenticated users are authorized. //for health

management.endpoint.health.show-details=always,never # When to show full health details.

Enable/Disable endpoints

management.endpoint.(endpointName).enabled=true # Whether to enable the health endpoint.
e.g. management.endpoint.health.enabled=true

Spring boot 2.x :: only health and info is exposed by default, In order to expose other actuator endpoint either mention the endpoint name or add following line to expose all endpoints.

management.endpoints.web.exposure.include: '*'


Starting from Spring boot 2.x, all actuator endpoints are disabled except for few non sensitive endpoints like /health and /info by default.

You can enable them using property management.endpoints.web.exposure.include=*

Please refer here for more details.


you have to do post, e.g curl -X POST xxx.yyy.zzz:8080/actuator/refresh

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