I am replacing a Convolution layer with a Locally connected layer in ResNet (with Faster RCNN). Tensorflow imports this layer from keras and and it says that the dimensions of the input to this layer should be fully defined. When I run, it throws the below error.

All Tensors in the model have dynamic shape. But this keras layer doesn't accept that. The Bottleneck block shown below is only for the 4th ResNet block.

So how to make this keras layer dynamic?

Bottleneck block from Resnet (resnet_v1.py):

residual = slim.conv2d(inputs, depth_bottleneck, [1, 1], stride=1, scope='conv1')
residual = Local_connection.LocallyConnected2D(filters=depth_bottleneck, kernel_size=3, strides = (2,2), data_format='channels_last')(residual)
residual = slim.conv2d(residual, depth, [1, 1], stride=1,activation_fn=None, scope='conv3')

Error: ValueError: The spatial dimensions of the inputs to a LocallyConnected2D layer should be fully-defined, but layer received the inputs shape (1, None, None, 256)

Link to the keras layer (check line 309):


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