I have a Dropwizard application that uses Dropwizard metrics and uses BigTable for persistence. I am already reporting metrics to graphite from my application and would like to report client side BigTable metrics too. I see that there is an existing class BigtableClientMetrics that supports reporting client-side metrics. DropwizardMetricRegistry is also provided which wraps the dropwizard MetricRegistry and creates an instance of the class. Considering an instance of the MetricRegistry is already created as part of bootstrap of my application, is there any way I can use the same instance for reporting Bigtable client metrics too?

Would be great if the DropwizardMetricRegistry class would have a constructor that takes a dropwizard MetricRegistry object as a parameter.


That sounds like a Cloud Bigtable HBase client feature request. Please submit an issue here: https://github.com/googleapis/cloud-bigtable-client

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