Hi I'm using redux persist to persist and rehydrate my app. This is my productsReducer:

const initialState = {
  products: [],
  id: [],
  qty: [],
  numOfItems: 0,
  totalPrice: 0,
  status: '',
  showPopup: false

const productsReducer = (state = initialState, action) => {
  let updatedId = [...state.id];
  let updatedQty = [...state.qty];
  let index = updatedId.indexOf(action.id);

  switch (action.type) {
    case actionTypes.FETCH_PRODUCTS_REQUEST:
      return {
        status: action.status

    case actionTypes.FETCH_PRODUCTS_SUCCESS:
      return {
        status: action.status,
        products: action.products

    case actionTypes.TOGGLE_POPUP:
      return {
        showPopup: !state.showPopup

For reasons unknown to me, my persist/REHYDRATE actions show one key {showPopup: true} for productsReducer.

{type: "persist/REHYDRATE", payload: {…}, err: undefined, key: "root", asyncDispatch: ƒ}
  asyncDispatch: ƒ asyncDispatch(asyncAction)
  err: undefined
  key: "root"
  productsReducer: {showPopup: true}
  userReducer: ...
  _persist: {version: -1, rehydrated: true}
  __proto__: Object
  type: "persist/REHYDRATE"

After that FETCH_PRODUCTS_REQUEST, show productsReducer: {showPopup: true} too. This shows that the rehydration replaced productsReducer state in the beginning.

  prev state 
    {productsReducer: {…}, userReducer: {…}, _persist: {…}}
    productsReducer: {showPopup: true}

When the fetched products calls productsReducer, it tried to do let updatedId = [...state.id]. But that didn't work since productsReducer only have the state showPopup. That's when it threw the below error...

TypeError: Invalid attempt to spread non-iterable instance.

I suspect the fault lies in persist/REHYDRATE. How can I reset the app or reset rehydration then?

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    can you show the remaining parts of productsReducer. also would help to just console.log state or state.id on your line 14 – delis Mar 29 at 7:19
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    Have you tried doing this let { id, qty } = state and then let updatedId = [...id]. – Amol B Jamkar Mar 29 at 7:28
  • @delis added the remaining parts of productsReducer. console.log() state or state.id on line 14 doesn't work too... The app throws this error before any console.log() occurs. – helplah Mar 29 at 7:30
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    @helplah it appears somewhere along the line, your state is being emptied (I suspect when action.type of persist/REHYDRATE is fired). You have a default case yes? (that likely returns just the state. – delis Mar 29 at 7:58
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    clear your local storage for localhost:3000. In chrome, click the padlock icon(or whatever there is) which is on left side of the url bar. From there you can remove cookies and local storage. Usually I keep a action called PURGE in all reducers, which I fire on logout. It sets the state to initial state(default object you use for state in parameters of the reducer) – Vaibhav Vishal Mar 29 at 9:16

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