I have a for loop in my django template:

{% for item in data %}

{{ item.Load}}
{{ item.To }}
{{ item.From }}
{{ item.Weight }}

and I want to parse item.load in this format

{{ forminput.field.value|default_if_none:"" }}

but when I do this,

{{ forminput.field.item.Load|default_if_none:"" }}

enter image description here

it doesn't show my field in the django form. When I enter a static value(e.g. 3) in this it appears in the form like this

{{ forminput.Load_ID.3|default_if_none:"" }}

enter image description here

it shows the 4th object on the page.

How can I insert item.Load in value ?

Here's the link from which I took the code: Display value of a django form field in a template?

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