PWA Web Push Notification click action issue
-> happens on Android phones if you install the PWA via the A2HS feature in Chrome

What happens here: If a notification arrives and the user clicks on the action button the event below fires and tries to either open a new client with a given route or 'reattach' to an existing client and navigating to given route

Problem: The issue here happens solely with the installed PWA, if you run the PWA normally and then send it into the background on an Android phone. Now it happens when a push notification arrives and the user clicks on the action button, the PWA opens up and you see a frozen screen of the PWA. If you manually refresh via swiping from up to bottom it reloads correctly and even navigated to the given route.

This only happens on Android phones. When tested on a Windows client using the latest Chrome with the PWA installed there have been no such issues.

Here is the relevant part of my code I use in my service worker:

// Service Worker Event when a Native Web Push Notification is clicked
self.addEventListener('notificationclick', function(event) {
    if (!event.action) return;

    var eventData = event.notification.data;

    // Some paths for my Vue app, this event gets an extra payload of what type it is
    // and then opens the PWA with the matching route
    const views = {
        auftragsdaten: '/auftraege/eigene',
        materialanforderungen: '/warenwirtschaft/materialanforderungen',
        systemnachrichten: '/nachrichten',
    var viewNav = '/';

    switch (event.action) {
        case 'detail-action':

            // if there is an extra payload with the route to use, set it accordingly
            if (eventData.hasOwnProperty('extra') && Array.isArray(eventData.extra)) {
                let lastIndex = eventData.extra.length - 1;
                viewNav = views[eventData.extra[lastIndex]];

            // check for open PWA/Browser clients
                clients.matchAll({ type: 'window', includeUncontrolled: true }).then(async function(clientList) {
                    if (clientList.length > 0) {
                        let client = clientList[0];

                        // check for any existing and focussed client
                        for (let i = 0; i < clientList.length; i++) {
                            if (clientList[i].focused) {
                                client = clientList[i];

                        // focus found client and then navigate to the given route
                        let clientFocus = await client.focus();
                        let clientNavigate = await clientFocus.navigate(viewNav);
                        return clientNavigate;

                    // if no existing client is found, open a new window OR if the PWA is installed the PWA
                    return clients.openWindow(viewNav);
            console.log(`Unknown action clicked: '${event.action}'`);

Honestly, I have no real idea what would cause this behavior to happen. Either something is faulty with my code or I somehow stumbled upon a bug?
Anyways, I'd be thankful for any insights and help on this matter!

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