I'm trying to write a Prettify-style syntax highlighter for Qiskit Terra (which closely follows the Python syntax). Apparently, Prettify uses Javascript flavor regex. For instance, /^\"(?:[^\"\\]|\\[\s\S])*(?:\"|$)/, null, '"' is the regex corresponding to valid strings in Q#. Basically I'm trying to put together the equivalent regex expression for Python.

Now, I know that Python supports strings within triple quotes i.e. '''<string>''' and """<string>""" are valid strings (this format is especially used for docstrings). To deal with this case I wrote the corresponding capturing group as:


Here is the regex101 link.

This works okay except in some cases like:

''' 'This "is" my' && "first 'regex' sentence." ''' &&
''' 'This "is" the second.' '''

Clearly here it should have considered ''' 'This "is" my' && "first 'regex' sentence." ''' as one string and ''' 'This "is" the second.' ''' as another. But no, the regex I wrote groups together the whole thing as one string (check the regex101 link). That is, it doesn't conclude the string even when it encounters a ''' (corresponding to the ''' at the beginning).

How should I modify the regex (^\'{3}(?:[^\\]|\\[\s\S])*(?:\'{3}$)) to take into account this case? I'm aware of this: How to match “anything up until this sequence of characters” in a regular expression? but it doesn't quite answer my question, at least not directly.

  • Check out a sublime module for syntax highlighting. And go through the regex snippets. github.com/MagicStack/MagicPython in grammars might help some. – Raymond Mar 29 at 20:59
  • @Raymond Thanks, checking. I just noticed this answer which makes me wonder whether it's possible using Regex at all. :/ – Blue Mar 29 at 21:14

I Don't know what else you want to use this for but the following regex does what you want with the example given with the MULTILINE flag on.

My_search = re.findall("(?:^\'{3})(.*)(?:\'{3})", My_string, re.MULTILINE)


Output is,

'This "is" my' && "first 'regex' sentence." 
'This "is" the second.' 

You can also see it working here https://regex101.com/r/k4adk2/11

  • 1
    It solves the examples given in the OP but it does not handle the general case of tripple quote strings, as they can contain escaped quotes, e.g. inr""""\"""" \" should be caught. – JohanL Mar 31 at 5:45

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