I have this code:

$.post("php/tagNotifUnsub.php", $("#tagNotifUnsub").serialize(), function(){ 
            $('#tagSubDiv').load('tags.php #tagSubDiv', function(){$( "button, input:submit, input:button, a#jql, input:radio" ).button();});      

I understand that $.post is just another name for $.ajax. And I know $.ajax has caching on by default. I want it to be uncached. How can I do that?


$.post is not cached.

Pages fetched with POST are never cached, so the cache and ifModified options in jQuery.ajaxSetup() have no effect on these requests.

From http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.post/


Partly right, Daniel A. White!

On devices running iOS6 and Safari, POST is also cached.

What you can do is the following:

   type: 'POST',
   headers: { "cache-control": "no-cache" }

You mention $.ajax

You can turn caching off for ajax like this:

        url: "/myURL?",
        cache: false,
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    downvote but no comment why?? – Stretch Nov 29 '15 at 7:29
  • I'm using a GET ajax call and this finally fixed the issue. For some reason some of the requests were being cached and I was getting incorrect data. – AlexL May 8 '17 at 2:42

This is an old problem that seems to pop up from time to time and I am always scratching my head. This solution fixes the problem but it may not be suitable in all cases as it is in effect disabling a key feature of AJAX - The asynchronous feature. That said and done for the cases where I have had this problem - Apple products and Safari I'm looking at you especially - setting the additional parameter of async:false in your jQuery AJAX request fixes the issue and actually solves the "No Alert on Post Callback" problem.

As I said if you absolutely rely on asynchronous functionality then this is not going to help you, but for many projects it will stop you pulling your hair out.

  type: 'POST',
  url: url,
  data: data,
  success: success,
  dataType: dataType,

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