Been stuck on this shopify html template that's using the Timber CSS framework. https://github.com/Shopify/Timber/blob/master/assets/timber.scss.liquid

I need to swap two divs with the class


if the user is on a mobile device.

Below is the code that I have. I have no idea on how to make the swap. I believe bootstrap refers to this as push/pull?

<div class="grid">
  <div class="grid__item one-half medium-down--one-whole">1</div>
  <div class="grid__item one-half medium-down--one-whole">2</div>

In mobile I'd like the div with "2" to shown first, and then "1".

  • can you apply CSS?? – Joykal Infotech Mar 30 at 12:39
  • U mean if I can give more css styles, classes etc? – Ela Buwa Mar 30 at 12:57
  • No, I am asking if you could apply CSS if you can then give grid display: flex; and give order: 0; to second child and order: 1; to first child. – Joykal Infotech Mar 30 at 13:00

Timber has options for push and pull


So, to achieve the order change on mobile you should or put the items reversed in markup for desktop do push and pull, or use flexbox adding custom styles in .scss files of your theme

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