This script fails with Error -1700: Can't convert types.:

tracks = Application('iTunes').tracks;
searchTerm = "Love";

//This results in Error -1700: Can't convert types.
searchQuery = {_or:
        {album: {_contains: searchTerm}},
        {artist: {_contains: searchTerm}},
        {name: {_contains: searchTerm}}

//each of these works
searchQuery1 = {album: {_contains: searchTerm}};
searchQuery2 = {artist: {_contains: searchTerm}};
searchQuery3 = {name: {_contains: searchTerm}};

songs = '';
matches = tracks.whose(searchQuery);
for (track of matches()) {
    songs += track.name() + ", ";

The individual queries each return the appropriate list of songs. If I replace searchQuery in matches = tracks.whose(searchQuery); with searchQuery1, searchQuery2, or searchQuery3, I get a list of matching tracks according to album, artist, or name. But the _or version fails with Can't convert types. The same .whose format does work for querying the Contacts app and appears to be what Apple recommends in Filtering Arrays.

The equivalent AppleScript that I used to test is:

set searchTerm to "Love"
set songs to ""

tell application "iTunes"
    set matches to every track whose album contains searchTerm or artist contains searchTerm or name contains searchTerm
end tell
repeat with matchingTrack in matches
    set songs to songs & name of matchingTrack & return
end repeat

This works, but of course the query cannot be created with varying numbers of filters. How do I do this same search using JavaScript?

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