I tried to run flutter project in Xcode through running runner.xcworkspace file. once it's run I get this error:

firebase_auth/FirebaseAuthPlugin.h file not found

I tried to change the state of headers to public but this didn't change anything.

Error Page:


Flutter Doctor:



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I had the same problem all day long. I ended up having to bump my version of Firebase_Auth to the latest, which for me at the moment is: ^0.15.3, which then forced me to have to upgrade Flutter as well.

Did the typical

Delete PodFile and PodFile.lock Flutter Clean pod install

I'm using Mac, so I also had to update my Xcode to 11.3. Then needed to update Mac OS to Catalina.

Lot's of work, but this got me to a successful build. Hopefully, something in here helps others dealing with this issue.


Update your pod. Your pod is not on the latest version


try this

  • pod install command in ios folder
  • xcodebuild -sdk iphonesimulator11.2 -scheme Runner -workspace Runner.xcworkspace

Updating pod was not enough for me.

I need to replace the content of my Podfile with Podfile-ios-objc. https://github.com/flutter/flutter/blob/master/packages/flutter_tools/templates/cocoapods/Podfile-ios-objc

Than it worked.


So non of this worked for me. After a while, I finally figured how to make it work. My project name has an underscore ie: project_name, so I changed it to projectname. And I realised my package id is still the same either ways hence somehow there is a conflict with how firebase references files. Not sure and don't know why this is happening.

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