I have a problem with this package: https://github.com/spatie/laravel-sitemap.

I have a code:

$sitemap_basic = Sitemap::create()
                    Url::create(env('APP_URL') . '/')

When I save sitemap with empty params I get errors:

Expected type 'DateTime'. Found 'string'
Expected type 'DateTime'. Found 'string'

setChangeFrequency I can set empty in sitemap. But setPriority, setLastModificationDate - not. How I can set empty this params?

$sitemap_basic = Sitemap::create()->add(Url::create(env('APP_URL') . '/'));

The setLastModificationDate method has a not null DateTime parameter hinted.

The setPriority method has a not null float parameter hinted.

If you don't want to set those values don't call those setters.

Also for what I've seen in the documentation and the source code, setChangeFrequency is meant to be called with some specific strings as you can see here.

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