I am writing a sockmap BPF program and I was wondering what the requirements of such a program are. A sockmap may have a parser and a verdict program attached so my question is whether either program is required before a socket is added to the map and if both are not required then what's the behaviour when either program is omitted.

Some confusing related statements showing why I have this question:


In the current implementation of sockmap, both parser and verdict program required for the operation. There is a place for optimization: if you skip the parser program, skb->len should be returned by default, but sadly, that is not implemented yet.

  • No other way to program redirect except the verdict program. This is required, without that you can put programs into the sockmap, but nothing will happens, data transmission stops.

  • More like attach parser and verdict programs to the sockmap. They only makes sense in this causal order.

  • Yes, thats the case. So you should have a parser program, even with a simple return skb->len one.

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