I have a Angular 7 application in which I want to implement push notification using SignlaR (2.4.4 version) with API in C#. Can anyone suggest how to solve my problem?

I have tried everything that I can, but I am not able to establish a connection between Angular SignalR client and SignalR Hub created in C# API.

1) This is my Startup.cs

HubConfiguration cfg = new HubConfiguration();

2) This is my Hub

public class ClientHub : Hub
    public Task SendNotificationCount(int chatUserCnt)
        var context = 
        return context.Clients.All.SendAsync("Send", chatUserCnt);

    public Task SendHelloToAll(string message)
        var context = GlobalHost.ConnectionManager.GetHubContext<ClientHub>();
        return context.Clients.All.SendMsgAsync("SendToAll", message);

3) This is Angular Code where I am trying to Connect to the Hub.

hubUrl = http://localhost:60067/ClientHub
connectToHub(hubUrl:string) {
    this.connection = new HubConnectionBuilder().withUrl(hubUrl).build();
    this.connection.start().then(() => {
        console.log("connected to hub");
        this.connection.on('SendToAll', (message) => { 
    }).catch((error) => {

I am expecting, whenever there is a change in the database for notification to get alerts through the Hub in realtime. Also I want to send database changes using signalR hub to Angular. But I am not able to connect with hub from Angular.


This is where I would start looking:

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