I want to bind dynamic data set to a table in mat dialog when i click on a material table row,here my data will binding in mat dialog but create a problem that when i first time click on a row(whose id=1) it will bind null in dialog,similarly when i click on that row again row(whose id = 1) it will bind id=1 s data in dialog,same case for id=3,id=4.

my component.ts file

   items: any ;
   getitemsbyorderid(orderid) {       
    items => {
      this.items = items;
    }, //Bind to view
    err => {
      // Log errors if any

  openDialog(address, city, pin, phone, orderid, orderstatus, totalprice, 
  updateby, updatedate): void {

  this.userdata = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('currentUser'));


  const dialogRef = this.dialog.open(OrderDialogComponent, {
  width: '1000px',
  data: { Address: address, City: city, Pin: pin, phone: phone, Orderid: 
 orderid, Orderstatus: orderstatus, Totalprice: totalprice, Updateby: 
 updateby, Updatedate: updatedate, itemdata: this.items,Username: 
 this.userdata.user_name }

 dialogRef.afterClosed().subscribe(result => {
  console.log('The dialog was closed');
  //this.animal = result;

Here i call this.getitemsbyorderid(orderid); inside opendilog(),it return null first time. when i click on first row it bind null but when i click second time on that row it returns and binds correct data I want to bind particular ids value on first click in mat dialog.

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