I would like to load custom serenity.properties from specific directory etc. src/test/resources/properties/serenity.properties via gradle

I tried to use -Dproperties parameter with absolute path to file (as it is recommended on their site) but it was not working


You can create a method in your build which loads the data from properties file.

// Read serenity.properties
def getSerenityProperties(){

    def props = new Properties();
    def propFile = file('/path/to/directory/with/serenity.properties')
    return props;
// assign properties data to a variable
project.ext.serenity = getSerenityProperties()

// use property

You can put your Properties werever you would like but you need to remember the properties is part of the project. Therefore when you pass in your -d properties parameter it will be from the directory you are running the project from. So you would do something very simple like:


Mine is in a properties directory on the root and I modified the name so mine looks like this:


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