I need to write an algorithm that, given a social network represented as a graph, finds out if a set of people X form a close relationship. This means that every person in X has a relation with each other.

For example if we have the graph:

enter image description here

The set {H,B,O} form a close friendship since every person in the subgraph is connected to each other.

The set {O,F,K} does not since we can't go from O to F

How would pseudocode for this specific algorithm look like?


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What you are asking for is searching for a Clique.

Bron-Kerbosch algorithm will find that for you

BronKerbosch1(R, P, X):
       if P and X are both empty:
           report R as a maximal clique
       for each vertex v in P:
           BronKerbosch1(R ⋃ {v}, P ⋂ N(v), X ⋂ N(v))
           P := P \ {v}
           X := X ⋃ {v}

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