I am exploring the use of an LVC exchange for the use of stateful notifications. When the state changes, subscribers need to be told about it. The LVC exchange is valuable for this when services are not necessarily always up and not guaranteed to be started in any order.

A persistent and durable queue would mostly allow me the same function, but if down for an extended period, the queue size might grow large without need and the queue reader might have to deal with a lot of unnecessary messages.

I am running RabbitMQ in a docker container. I have verified that the exchange itself is in fact durable and the mnesia datastore is mapped outside the container.

  1. Start RabbitMQ
  2. Publish message to exchange (producer.rb)
  3. Listen for messages using an anonymous queue bound to the exchange
  4. See that the Last Value is received
  5. Stop RabbitMQ
  6. Start RabbitMQ
  7. Listen for messages using an anonymous queue bound to the exchange


#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'bunny'
connection = Bunny.new
channel = connection.create_channel

message = "Hello World! #{Time.new}"
exchange = channel.exchange('pub-sub', :durable => true, :type => 'x-lvc')
exchange.publish(message, :persistent => true)
puts " [x] Sent '#{message}'"


require 'bunny'
connection = Bunny.new()
channel = connection.create_channel
queue = channel.queue('', exclusive: true)

  puts ' [*] Waiting for messages. To exit press CTRL+C'
  queue.subscribe(block: true) do |_delivery_info, _properties, body|
    puts " [x] Received #{body}"
rescue Interrupt => _

I expected to see the same message that was originally published, instead I got no new messages.


I reviewed the source code for that plugin and I suspect what you're seeing is due to how the backend for this plugin is setup: code. Notice that no disc_copies option is passed to create_table, thus the data resides only in RAM.

If you'd take the time to open an issue in that repository I may be able to fix this issue relatively easily.

NOTE: the RabbitMQ team monitors the rabbitmq-users mailing list and only sometimes answers questions on StackOverflow.

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