I need help with filtering rows from jqgrid. I have a grid with large amount of data (title, address, names, some more related info) displayed and in the top i have a list with summary of names.

I need to convert this summary of names into checkboxes and if the user unselects a name, the corresponding rows should be removed from the grid. This was doable with multiple search option but the user wants a very simple checkbox and does not want to go through the steps of adding a filter.

Is there a way i can add the custom filters on select event of this custom checkboxes.

Please advise Desai


If I understand you correct you the demo which I created for the answer is what you need. The demo shows how you can use postData parameter of jqGrid to filter the grid contain.

  • AWESOME!!! i need something very similar to this.. i will attempt to try the variation by myself. i will start with all the checkboxes checked and when u uncheck a checkbox the corresponding row should be removed from master grid. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!! JQUERY ROCKS!!! – Desai Apr 5 '11 at 12:21
  • @Desai: You are welcome! I though also that in your case selecting of all checkboxes are the best choice for start. – Oleg Apr 5 '11 at 13:03

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