I am new in Wiremock.

I would like to use it in JUnit based tests for launching the mock server programatically and accessing to it from other java process. (Test automation project and application under test are running in different processes)

public void test() {
    WireMockServer wireMockServer = new WireMockServer(wireMockConfig().bindAddress("localhost").port(8089));

This piece of code works OK. After launching the wiremock, when I do a GET that URL (http://localhost:8089/__admin), I get a 200.

However, let's says that the applicaiton under tests runs in another process, and I want to feed it with the wiremock instance of this Junit test. The wiremock server "seems" to ignore the request.

You can simulate this by putting a breakpoint in the "System.out.println("==>")" line and opening a browser pointing to "http://localhost:8089/__admin". You will never get a response. I have the feeling that the request never arrives to the wiremock server.

Is this something that should be possible ? Do you know why I am doing wrong ? (I also tried using the @Rule annotation)

Many thanks!

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