I'm trying to figure out how to use enumerations in Java, and I don't get how to do this:

public enum animalSounds {

    public final String animalName;

    animalSounds(String noise) {
        this.animalName = noise


What I'm trying to do, is pass in a string, and see if that string exists in the set of enumerables. So, I would pass in "Oink" and get back PIG, but if I pass in "Chirp", I would get some sort of error, as there is not enumeration value with "Chirp".

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enum is not the best thing to do for what you are trying to do but you could try

private animalSounds getAnimal(String noise) {
    for(animalSounds a : animalSounds.values())
            return a;
    throw new IllegalArgumentException();
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Use the values() method - and iterate through the different types, doing your logic.

For a few, iterate through the values(); for many, create a Map<String, AnimalSounds>, as suggested here.

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