I have a list of key word pairs. I need to find all the documents within a mongoDB collection that contain any of the key word pairs.

I have searched hours on the internet to look for the answer but couldn't. I think what I need is a way to flexibly combine the $and (so both components of the keyword pair exists in the result), $or (so any of the keyword pairs would satisfy the requirement), and $text (so I can have some flexibility on stemming/case sensitivity, etc) operators. But I realize that the $text operator cannot be used together with $and/$or. I know of this post (MongoDB Text Search AND multiple search words) but it doesn't do exactly what I need...

To give an example:

This is a simple demo collection:

mydb = client.XXX
mycol = mydb["XXX"]

mylist = [
    {"_id": 1, "hashtag": [], "message": "PrEP is useful"},
    {"_id": 2, "hashtag": [], "message": "prep1 is not what we want"},
    {"_id": 3, "hashtag": ["#AIDS"], "message": "will bandaid be picked?"},
    {"_id": 4, "hashtag": ["#HIV"], "message": "hiv we care" },
    {"_id": 5, "hashtag": [], "message": "Aids support organization - does multi-word phrase work as it should?"},
    {"_id": 6, "hashtag": [], "message": "sti"},
    {"_id": 7, "hashtag": [], "message": "stis prevention"},
    {"_id": 8, "hashtag": [], "message": "sti space prevention"}


My list of key word pairs looks like this:

k = ['"sti" "prevention"',
 '"PrEP" "useful"',
 '"stis" "prevention"',
 '"std" "treatall"',

These are a couple ways that I have tried without using my "k". But ultimately I'd want to use "k":

This chunk below works perfectly, but it cannot search for multiple keyword pairs at the same time.

m = mycol.find({
    '$text': {'$search': '"sti" "prevention"'},
for items in m:
    pprint.pprint (items['message'])

I tried adding $or at different places but all failed ... Failure number 1:

m = mycol.find({ '$or':[
    '$text': {'$search': '"sti" "prevention"'},
    '$text': {'$search': '"PrEP" "useful"'}
for items in m:
    pprint.pprint (items['message'])

Failure number 2:

m = mycol.find({ 
    '$text': {'$or':[{'$search': '"sti" "prevention"'},
                     {'$search': '"PrEP" "useful"'}]
for items in m:
    pprint.pprint (items['message'])

An example of my expected results: For the list of 2 key word pairs ['"sti" "prevention"', '"PrEP" "use"'] I should get the ids 1, 7, and 8.

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