I have an api which sends arabic string data and needs to display in html web form using jquery $.ajax method but unfortunately ajax receives only a single character i.e 'a' in response as shown below

{code: 200, status: "error", msg: "a", msg_en: "Invalid Username!!"}

but when i execute the api in postman it shows me this

{"code":200,"status":"error","msg":"اسم المستخدم موجود بالفعل","msg_en":"Username already exists!!"}

this is my code in check_user_name.php

require_once "../admin/utils/config.php";
require_once "../admin/utils/dbClass.php";
$objDB = new MySQLCN;
require_once "../admin/utils/functions.php";
$fun = new mFunctions;
require_once "lang.confg.php";

$response = array();

if( isset($_POST['user_name']) && $_POST['user_name'] != null){
    $user = $objDB->_get_user(null,$_POST['user_name'],null,null,null,null,array('visitor','lawyer','admin'));
    if( !empty($user) ){
        $response['code'] = 200; // successfull request
        $response['status'] = 'error';
        $response['msg'] = $_lang['user_name_exists'];
        $response['msg_en'] = 'Username already exists!!';
        $response['code'] = 200; // successfull request
        $response['status'] = 'success';
        $response['msg'] = $_lang['user_name_available'];
        $response['msg_en'] = 'Username available!!';
    $response['code'] = 200; // invalid paramters
    $response['status'] = 'error';
    $response['msg'] = $_lang['invalid_requests'];
    $response['msg_en'] = 'Invalid Username!!';
echo json_encode($response);

this is ajax request

$(document).on("change", 'input[name=user_name]', function(e) { 
        /* Act on the event */
        var user_name = $ (this).val();
        if(user_name.length >= 6 || !user_name.length <=1 ){
                type: 'POST',
                url: HOST_URL_API+'/check_user_name.php',
                dataType: "json",
                contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
                data : { 'user_name':user_name }, // our data object
                success: function(data) {
                    if (data.status == "error") {
                        // alert(data.msg);
                error: function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown, data) {
        // alert("Username must be at least 6 characters");

kindly please if anyone have the solution, will be great help , thanks in advance ;)

  • not working, it returns something like { "code": 200, "status": "success", "msg": "'3E 'DE3*./E E*'-", "msg_en": "Username available!!" } – dev_dodiya Apr 2 at 9:00
  • Please post the Request & Response headers in the questions as well. You can see them in the AJAX call monitoring of the browser console(under the network tab) – techie_28 Apr 2 at 9:15

Try adding below line in php code which may solve issue while rendering unicode characters.

header("Content-Type : application/json; charset=ISO-8859-1");
  • didn't worked , tried adding it in both file check_user_name.php and php+html where i display the data, but no luck. thanks for your answer btw :) – dev_dodiya Apr 2 at 7:15

Please check this solution hope this will solve your problem i simple create index.php and run this i include header("Content-type: application/json; charset=ISO-8859-1"); this solve the problem.

if (isset($_GET['dataa'])) {
    $res['code'] =200;
    $res['status'] = 'error';
    $res['msg'] = (string) "اسم المستخدم موجود بالفعل";
    $res['msg_en'] = 'Username already exists!!';
    // header ("Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8");
    header("Content-type: application/json; charset=ISO-8859-1");
    echo json_encode($res);die;

in same page html and get req for test resonse and append text to body

<!DOCTYPE html>
     <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
       <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

        <script type="text/javascript">
           url: "index.php",
           type: 'GET',
           data : {dataa : 'ss'},
            success: function(res) {

cheers good luck cheers good luck


Problem is solved guys, thanks for your efforts , actually it was the code mistake, there is an another array with same key name was replacing the array key's value, still thanks for your all efforts.

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