I try to update a combo box in a Form using VBA and SQL with multiple WHERE conditions. If I use only one condition it works, if I add others it will show no results

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim strSQL As String
If Forms!frmLogin!txtLogin = "some text" Then
strSQL = "SELECT table.field1 FROM table WHERE table.field2=1; "
End If
With Forms!frmForm1!subfrmForm2!cboField
.RowSource = strSQL
End With
End Sub

is working fine

strSQL = "SELECT table.field1 FROM table WHERE table.field2=1 And table.field2=2 And table.field2=3; "

is not working

  • The multiple conditions are not the issue. Please post your actual code with actual field names and parameters. – Andre Apr 2 at 9:48

A field cannot hold three different values. Try with:

… where table.field2 in (1, 2, 3);
  • Thanks, it works – NMariusV Apr 2 at 10:07

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