There is a perception that using View.post() is a workaround. To be sure that my custom view has been calculated it's sizes, I use the way presented below:

Creating two boolean fields:

private var isOnSizeChangedCalled = false
private var isUpdateDataCalled = false

Overriding onSizeChanged method:

override fun onSizeChanged(w: Int, h: Int, oldw: Int, oldh: Int) {
    super.onSizeChanged(w, h, oldw, oldh)

    viewWidth = w
    viewHeight = h

    isOnSizeChangedCalled = true
    if (isUpdateDataCalled) {

Then, in my public updateData method:

fun updateData(data: SomeData) {
    this.data = data

    isUpdateDataCalled = true
    if (isOnSizeChangedCalled) {

So, when updateView() is called, I'm sure that the view knows everything about it's width and height. Is this a normal way to make sure that view size is calculated?

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