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I'm trying to extract information from a CSV file and make it readable and save it in another CSV file. I tried using IFS=',' but some of the columns have ',' in the data. I'm mainly using bash scripting to achieve this.

Column StudentName has a "," in the data

This is the code I have. It works until I get to the StudentName column

#This works but it gets confused when StudentName has a comma in it.
while read StudentID StudentNetworkUsername StudentName StudentFirstName StudentMiddleName StudentFamilyName GenderCode StudentDOB StudentEmailAddress InternationalStudentFlag CareerDesc ProgramCode ProgramDesc ProgramResearchFlag SubjectAreaCode SubjectAreaDesc CatalogNumber CourseID  CourseDesc StudentCourseUnitsEarned LocationCode CourseGradeCode MarkCourseGradeCode StudentAddressLine1 StudentAddressLine2 StudentAddressLine3 StudentAddressLine4 StudentAddressCityCode StudentAddressStateCode StudentAddressPostcode StudentCountryDesc ClassNumber StudentClassGradeDate StudentClassEnrolAddDate StudentClassEnrolDropDate StudentGroupDesc DeliveryModeCode GPA ProgramPlanCode StudentPreferredPhone StudyPeriod AcademicLoadDesc IntensiveModeFlag ExternalModeCode ExternalModeDesc LanguageCode LanguageDesc PartnerCode PartnerDesc

    echo $StudentFirstName

done < $1

Expected sample result

I'm kind of confused as to how IFS should be ignored in this case

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  • Possible duplicate of Bash shell scripting - csv parsing (the accepted answer won't cut it, but I recommend following the most upvoted one and using an existing parser) – Aaron Apr 2 at 12:54
  • Bash is a rather poor choice for this really; look for a language with a well-supported CSV library such as Python for any medium to heavy lifting. If Python is unacceptable, maybe try Awk; but understand that Awk out of the box doesn't directly support CSV with quoting etc (though it's by no means hard to code a reasonably robust and versatile CSV parser in Awk). – tripleee Apr 2 at 14:05

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