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I have 2 arrays (as an example but I've 8) to insert the record to MySQL database. But I'm confused about how to insert them. Please guide me about.

$bunit = $_POST['bunit'];
$prodID = $_POST['productID'];
$section = $_POST['section'];
$remarks = array();
$remarksType = array();

INSERT INTO `remarks` (`remarks_id`, `remarks`,`bunit`, `prodID`,  `remarks_section_ID`, `remarks_type`, `remarks_defectID`, `remarks_productID`, `remarks_active`) VALUES (NULL, '$remarks', '$bunit', '$prodID', '$section', '$remarksType', '1', '2', 1);"

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    Where are you stuck? – vivek_23 Apr 2 at 13:31
  • I'm stuck at inserting the data to mysql, $bunit, $prodID & $section will be same while $remarks and $remarkType are arrays and they will be dynamic and separate. how would i write the foreach statement to insert each entry to mysql – Muhammad Usman Apr 2 at 19:14

Hey before insert you have do one thing encode array to json_encode() and insert to db when retrieve from db simple use json_decode()

$bunit = $_POST['bunit'];
$prodID = $_POST['productID'];
$section = $_POST['section'];
$remarks = json_encode(array('id'=>1 ,'data'=>'remarks')) ;
$remarksType = json_encode(array('id'=>1 ,'data'=>'remarksType'));
$sql = "INSERT INTO `remarks` (`remarks_id`, `remarks`,`bunit`, `prodID`,  `remarks_section_ID`, `remarks_type`, `remarks_defectID`, `remarks_productID`, `remarks_active`) VALUES (NULL, '$remarks', '$bunit', '$prodID', '$section', '$remarksType', '1', '2', 1);"
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    Where does the OP mantion anything about JSON? This is irrelevant to the actual question – RiggsFolly Apr 2 at 13:59
  • @RiggsFolly you said you want to store array in database so i sugggest to you that you can insert using json_enode(). what is the problem you are facing in this – Pardeep Dhiman Apr 3 at 4:00
  • Not my Downvote by the way! – RiggsFolly Apr 3 at 9:00

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