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I'm trying to create a script on bash shell, containing 4 python scripts, I have sorted them in order to execute them sequentially, how do I make a condition if anyone of them not executed or returned any error then stop the shell

#!/bin/bash -x

cd /home/hadoop/Traffic_Stat_Process

python3 Table_Dropper.py
/usr/bin/spark-submit --jars /home/hadoop/vertica/lib/vertica-jdbc-9.1.1-0.jar Spark_JDBC_Connector.py
hadoop fs -rm -r /hadoopData/hive/warehouse/temp
python3 2th_phase.py
python3 3th_phase.py

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  • if ! python3 arg; then echo "python3 arg failed" >&2; exit 1; fi. – Kamil Cuk Apr 2 at 13:56
  • but the 2th script executed by spark-submit not python3 – Mahmoud Odeh Apr 2 at 14:03
  • if ! /usr/bin/spark-submit --jars /home/hadoop/vertica/lib/vertica-jdbc-9.1.1-0.jar Spark_JDBC_Connector.py ; then echo "the spark-submit failed" >&2; exit ; fi – Kamil Cuk Apr 2 at 14:06
  • Put || exit after any command you want to terminate the script on exit; there's also set -e, but there are compelling reasons to avoid it. Nothing about this is specific to Python, so the title can probably be focused a bit. – Charles Duffy Apr 2 at 14:27

Putting && between commands will tell bash to execute commands from start to end, and if any fail along the way, it will stop executing.

For example:

echo $(non_existent_variable) && cd ~

cd ~ is a valid command. However, since non_existent_variable is not defined, the first command fails and an error is thrown immediately.

In your case, you can add && \ at the end of each of your lines.

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