I have created script in init.d


cd /opt/horses
./startSanic.sh &

startSanic is with permissions 777 startSanic.sh is with permissions 755

I intentionally created two scripts because only if I start script manually with & it will start and it will not be killed if I close the session.

I created link in rc5.d (my runlevel is 5 but I created also for rc2,3,4)

S97startSanic -> ../init.d/startSanic

My service is always being run on port 9000. If I check after the reboot of the server it is not being run with this script in init.d. What can be the issue?

My /opt/horses/startSanic.sh script uses ONLY two lines:


gunicorn horses.server:app --bind --worker-class sanic.worker.GunicornWorker --reload


  • Scripts in init.d are not simple bash scripts. They should implement the interface. – user6435535 Apr 2 at 15:35
  • Hi @RemisaYousefvand can you please assist me to write this script in init.d I really have big problems to write it and I updated my question - you can see that it is only just one line which should be triggered by the script "gunicorn horses.server:app --bind --worker-class sanic.worker.GunicornWorker --reload" – Dejan Apr 2 at 15:39
  • Using systemd is prefered. Here is a tutorial on how to run your bash script as service at startup. Let me know if you have any questions on that. – user6435535 Apr 2 at 15:46
  • Hi @RemisaYousefvand is this for Centos 7 applicable example? I do not see it is – Dejan Apr 2 at 15:59
  • Yes. Modern Linux distros, including CentOS 7 support systemd. – user6435535 Apr 2 at 16:05

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