I was looking around Conda's documentation and I found this: https://docs.conda.io/projects/conda-build/en/latest/resources/commands/conda-develop.html?highlight=develop

It explains how to install a package in development mode but it doesn't seem to explain what that actually means and how it differs from a normal install.

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First, note that that documentation is for conda-build and not conda (which has separate documentation). The former is for developing Conda-deliverable packages; the latter is for managing virtual environments.

Apparently, conda develop will build a package in place and only install it through a link placed in site-packages (specifically adding the path to the package into the site-packages/conda.pth file), rather than directly installing into site-packages. Sounds like it would make it easier to rebuild while you develop the package without having to reinstall every time.

Here's the relevant blurb I found in the code base:

develop mode builds the extensions in place and makes a link to package in site-packages/.


conda develop hasn't been maintained and is not recommended. See https://github.com/conda/conda-build/issues/1992

Recommendation is to use python setup.py develop or pip install -e .

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