I am converting a simple mp4 video to hls but I need the segments to be in approximately a specific size

I researched and found:

-hls_segment_size 17000000

17000000 bytes(~17MB)

This creates TS files with approximate sizes, (does not have to be exact size)

ffmpeg.exe -i "in.mp4" -vcodec copy -acodec aac -hls_list_size 0 -hls_segment_size 17000000 -f hls "out.m3u8"

In the m3u8 file is created '#EXT-X-BYTERANGE', which is the way I want it


It seems alright, but it has a little problem. I'm testing on a player in the browser, and when the seconds goes from one segment to the other the video has a lock in sound and video. Something very annoying, not natural in the video.

Not using '-hls_segment_size' will have functional TS files, and without BYTERANGE in the m3u8 file

However, the size of the TS file will be according to the seconds defined

I am currently trying to get a ts file that is close to a size set between 15MB and 20MB, and have BYTERANGE in the m3u8 file.

Does anyone have any ideas?

here's the problem I'm trying to describe:


exactly in the second 7 of the video a 'locking' happens, this happens when going from one segment to another

  • This seems difficult to me, there is no one who can help ... – Phantom Apr 3 at 14:18
  • check if your server is correctly configured to handle HTTP range requests. The sample using hls.js shows responses with status 200 instead of 206 for the .ts files even if the Accept-Ranges: bytes header is present. You seem to get the entire segment in the response instead of the required range, based on Content-Length. – aergistal Apr 5 at 16:39

Just update your ffmpeg version into > 4 Old version is buggy for this command.

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    Can you add some links or additional info to clarify? – J. Murray Oct 14 at 22:38

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