I want to convert my script to an .exe and have tried it with pyinstaller. The problem is that moviepy is not imported. I imported moviepy as import moviepy.editor as me (in script.py).

So i tried the hidden import. The command was: pyinstaller --onefile --hidden-import=moviepy script.py


3601 INFO: Analyzing hidden import 'moviepy'  
3601 ERROR: Hidden import 'moviepy' not found

Could someone help me? Thanks :)

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hidden-imports will only add the module itself and not its dependencies. It seems that PyInstaller can't handle moviepy automatically, and it would lack some dependencies like imageio-ffmpeg, so you can use Tree class and add both moviepy and imageio-ffmpeg to final executable.

Your spec file should look like this: (Remember to edit the module path based on your Python directory)

# -*- mode: python -*-

block_cipher = None

a = Analysis(
a.datas += Tree("./env/Lib/site-packages/moviepy", prefix='moviepy')
a.datas += Tree("./env/Lib/site-packages/imageio_ffmpeg/", prefix='imageio_ffmpeg')
pyz = PYZ(a.pure, a.zipped_data,

Finally, generate your executable with:

pyinstaller script.spec

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