Is it possible to have the same code, which was checked out at the first stage of pipeline jobs & passes through the various other stages running on same node, copied to a Windows node? The Windows node is using "JNLP" to connect to master.

I am running a batch file to invoke some Selenium test cases locally on a Windows box and by doing this I am missing the updated test script at source code.

I am expecting in some way if I can copy the already created workspace into other nodes from master.


You can use the stash and unstash mechanism. This is capable of moving a lot of data. It might take a while for very large workspaces but it can be done.

In my case I once made a mistake where I used the includes instead of include. This resulted in all files being stashed, around 4GB! It was a bit slow (10 minutes), but I was very impressed it worked without crashing the server or slave.

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