I have a problem with JMeter. When I try to send some request, it returns me a 403 Forbidden status code. I know that it needs an authentication, I've seen many things about that.

I'm working with Apache ActiveMQ Artemis. I need to execute some API request, which removes all messages in the queue. The API looks like that:,component=addresses,address=%22TEST.GSH%22,subcomponent=queues,routing-type=%22anycast%22,queue=%22TEST.GSH%22/removeAllMessages()

When I try to execute it, it returns me a 403 Forbidden status code. I've tried to add HTTP Authorization Manager, added this url and typed username and password, but still it gives me the same output.

This is from where I login, also I added this in HTTP Authorization Manager and set the username and password.

Any idea or advice will help me.

I know that here are questions like mine, but I have not found what would help me.

  • I've added an Authorization Header with Basic encoded, but now it says: Non HTTP response code: java.net.URISyntaxException – brithwulf Apr 3 at 7:17
  • Why are you using JMeter to invoke the removeAllMessages management method? Are you running a performance test to see how long it takes to execute this management method? If so, why? – Justin Bertram Apr 3 at 21:18
  • The queue fills very fast and most of information is not important and for that I must delete all messages. – brithwulf Apr 4 at 7:20
  • What exactly are you testing? I ask because invoking removeAllMessages in general is an artificial way to deal with message accumulation that wouldn't be performed in a "normal" production situation. Typically clients would actually be consuming those messages. – Justin Bertram Apr 4 at 13:56
  • I will try to explain what I am doing. We have a pushing service and it pushes too much test information into queue. For example I must update some table in database and then it should push into queue and I must verify if from db information was pushed correctly. I really don't know if someone does that or if does maybe I am doing it wrognly. – brithwulf Apr 4 at 14:38

The answer was quite simple. I've just added in HTTP Header Manager an authorization with Basic encoded. Now it works fine. But I have one question, why did HTTP Authorization Manager not work ? Why should i add authorization in header ? I can't make it only with HTTP Authorization Manager ?

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