I want to to put the first letter of a string into lowercase in D.

As a string is imutable in D, there doesn't seem to be a simple way.

I came up with this:

string mystr = "BookRef";
string outval = toLower( mystr[0..1] ) ~ mystr[1..$]; 
writeln( "my outval: ", outval );

Is there an easier way ?


While D strings are immutable, you can use char[] instead:

char[] mystr = "BookRef".dup; // .dup to create a copy
mystr[0] = toLower(mystr[0..1])[0];
writeln("my outval: ", mystr);
  • Quite non-intuitive, but works, thanks – A.Franzen Apr 3 at 9:10
  • What would be intuitive? (So that we can suggest to the D devs) – DejanLekic May 3 at 17:04

For reference and completeness, you can build this without any allocations by chaining ranges. It has the additional advantages of working with empty strings:

auto downcase(string w)
    import std.range, std.uni;
    return w.take(1).asLowerCase.chain(w.drop(1));

Try online on run.dlang.io.

  • I've tried this but it doesn't work with empty strings. run.dlang.io/is/ksDBNT. – Patrick Apr 30 at 11:41
  • 1
    Sorry, dropOne enforces that the element is actually there, which is why it didn't work with empty strings. Updated the code to use drop(1) which essentially does nothing with empty strings. – greenify Apr 30 at 20:13

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