I'm setting up HA infrastructure with Apache Artemis MQ 2.6.3 and Spring Jms. How to configure automatic client failover with ActiveMQConnectionFactory?

There are two Apache Artemis 2.6.3 instances, one live and one backup node. When the live is down, the backup will be active and serve the clients. When the live server is up again it gets the connections. I was able to set up these MQ servers, they work as I expect.

But when I use the Spring JmsTemplate to produce messages, it fails when the live server is down. According to the Artemis documentation (https://activemq.apache.org/artemis/docs/latest/ha.html): "To enable automatic client failover, the client must be configured to allow non-zero reconnection attempts" But the client didn't do automatic failover at all.

Here's the configuration:

public class ArtemisConnectionConfiguration {

    public MessageConverter artemisMessageConverter() {
        return new SimpleMessageConverter();

    public ConnectionFactory artemisConnectionFactory(ArtemisConnectionProperties properties) {
        TransportConfiguration masterTransportConfiguration = createTransportConfiguration(properties);

        ActiveMQConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new ActiveMQConnectionFactory(true, masterTransportConfiguration);

        if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(properties.getUser())) {


        return connectionFactory;

    public JmsTemplate artemisTemplate(
            @Qualifier("artemisMessageConverter") MessageConverter messageConverter,
            @Qualifier("artemisConnectionFactory") ConnectionFactory connectionFactory) {
        JmsTemplate template = new JmsTemplate(connectionFactory);
        return template;

    public JmsListenerContainerFactory artemisListener(
            @Qualifier("artemisMessageConverter") MessageConverter messageConverter,
            @Qualifier("artemisConnectionFactory") ConnectionFactory connectionFactory) {
        DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory factory = new DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory();
        return factory;

    private TransportConfiguration createTransportConfiguration(ArtemisConnectionProperties properties) {
        Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<>();
        params.put(TransportConstants.HOST_PROP_NAME, properties.getHost());
        params.put(TransportConstants.PORT_PROP_NAME, properties.getPort());
        return new TransportConfiguration(NettyConnectorFactory.class.getName(), params);

In debug mode I see the ConnectionFactory has the address of the backup node, so it could get the topology from the live server. When the live is down, the client retries to connect but only to the live server. What did I do wrong?

Here is the sample application: https://github.com/almaxbacsi/artemis-ha-test

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