I have a jQuery accordion that is called from a generic accordion() function. The issue i'm having at the minute is that the accordion is opening the tabs on page load instead of loading them in closed.

Already tried adding $(".accordionbody").accordion({ collapsible: true, active: false }); to my $(document).ready(function($) { and also inside the accordion() function.

Below is the accordion function

function accordion() {



   $('.accordiontoggle').css("transform", "rotate(0deg)"); 

   var toggle_state = $(this).next().is(':visible') 


   !toggle_state ? $(this).find('.accordiontoggle').css("transform", "rotate(90deg)") : $(this).find('.accordiontoggle').css("transform", "rotate(0deg)"); 




I then just have a generic call to this function in another js file.

  • Do you mind sharing your html markup? – etarhan Apr 3 at 13:12
  • you need your accordion closed on page load ? – melvin Apr 6 at 13:55

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